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Written on: 5 juli 2024
Dutch version Woonfonds offers mortgages with money from Achmea Bank. Of which Woonfonds is also part.

Woonfonds offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs. The mortgage interest rate is especially competitive for mortgages with a fixed interest rate period of 10 years. In addition, they are sometimes also advantageous for mortgages with a long fixed-rate period.

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• Use cheaper desktop valuation, also for apartments
• Entrepreneur with 1 completed financial year can take out a mortgage
• Woonfonds offers rental mortgages
• Include rental income for maximum mortgage
• Variable income, such as commission and overtime, is added to the income for 100%


• Not possible to borrow more with help from parents
• Do not include income from PGB for the maximum mortgage
• No mortgage possible if you want to move and your current home is > € 750,000

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About Woonfonds

Woonfonds is one of the Achmea brands and is a trade name of Achmea Bank. Woonfonds is located in Apeldoorn and has been around for more than 50 years.

The mortgages are only offered through independent mortgage advisors.

What are the funding sources for Woonfonds?

The money that Woonfonds lends comes from Achmea Bank. The money therefore comes from savings accounts. In addition, the money occasionally comes from insurance premiums from Achmea’s insurance branch.

Achmea Bank also provides Centraal Beheer and Syntrus Achmea with money to lend through mortgages.

Mortgage interest from Woonfonds

Woonfonds, Syntrus, Attens, Centraal Beheer

Woonfonds lends money from Achmea Bank.

Because savers’ money is lent out, Woonfonds mainly wants to offer mortgages with a fixed interest period of 10 years. This is the reason that Woonfonds is cheap for this fixed-interest period.

Achmea is the largest insurer in the Netherlands. That is why Woonfonds sometimes receives money from Achmea’s insurance company. This is preferably lent with a fixed interest period of 20 or 30 years, which means that these fixed interest periods can also be advantageous at Woonfonds.

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Is Woonfonds reliable?

Woonfonds can be seen as a reliable party, because it is owned by Achmea.

Achmea is the largest insurer in the Netherlands, whose history dates back to 1811. In addition, Woonfonds has been around for about 50 years.

What is my experience with Woonfonds?

Woonfonds is an interesting party, especially for entrepreneurs. The interest rate is quite competitive, but the acceptance conditions for entrepreneurs are also relatively flexible.

In addition, Woonfonds also offers rental mortgages, which is an advantage for people who want to buy a house for rental purposes.

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Extensive pros and cons

Below are the extensive advantages and disadvantages of this mortgage provider:


  • You can use a desktop valuation, the cheaper alternative to an extensive valuation report. At Woonfonds you can also use the Desktop valuation for an apartment.
  • An entrepreneur who has only completed 1 financial year can take out a mortgage with Woonfonds.
  • Woonfonds offers a home rental mortgage. Ideal if you want to finance a house that you will not live in yourself.
  • Do you rent a home? Then you can include the rental income at Woonfonds as income for the mortgage application.
  • Do you receive variable income components such as overtime, commission and/or an irregularity allowance? Then you can include 100% of this as income for your mortgage application.



  • It is not possible for your parents, for example, to become joint and several debtors, which means you can borrow more.
  • If you are moving and have not yet sold your current home, your existing mortgage may not exceed 90% of the market value and the market value of your current home may not exceed € 750,000.
  • If you receive income from a Persoons Gebonden Budget (PGB), you cannot include it as income for the mortgage application.


We do our best to keep the conditions up to date, but mortgage providers may change their conditions. Schedule a free consultation with me so that we can discuss the most current conditions and pros and cons.

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