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Written by: Joost van Herpen

Reviewed by: Roel Wonders

Written on: 9 juli 2024
SolidBriq is a relatively new provider of rental mortgages, which has been around since 2021.

It is a new provider that was founded by experienced people in the real estate world.

I am a Certified Mortgage Planner and below I will tell you everything about SolidBriq's rental mortgages.


• Founded by experienced people from the industry.
• As one of the few real estate financiers with a competitive interest rate for long fixed interest periods of 10 and 15 years.
• Works with interest reflection period. Security thanks to a fixed interest period, which may be revised if the interest rate falls.
• Mortgages for renting out residential homes, residential/retail properties, fully commercial real estate and even recreational homes and short stays.
• New, innovative provider that has money available for the long term.


• It is not yet an established name in the mortgage world.

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About SolidBriQ

SolidBriQ is a real estate financier from Tilburg, which was founded in 2019. The company was founded by Jeroen Walhout, Calvin Davies, Gerard Schalk and Frank Hermens.

SolidBriQ only focuses on professional real estate investors and not on consumers who want to buy one home for rental purposes. Applying for real estate financing from SolidBriQ is done through an experienced mortgage advisor like me.

What are the funding sources for SolidBriQ?

SolidBriQ obtains money through a large international insurer that invests insurance premiums in mortgages to generate greater returns. Part of this money goes to Solidbriq.

This insurer has made a long-term commitment to SolidBriQ, which means that money is always available. When the fixed interest period expires and it has to be extended again, SolidBriQ can continue to offer a competitive mortgage interest rate.

Mortgage interest from SolidBriQ

It is one of the few real estate financiers that also offers competitive interest rates for longer fixed interest periods, 10 and 15 years.

However, with real estate financing, the interest rate is often not fixed for longer than 10 years, because the average investor dares to take a little more risk. In addition, it also regularly happens that properties are sold again within a period of 10 years.

Interest reflection period

This provider works with an interest reflection period. For example, if the interest rate is fixed for 5 years and the interest rate decreases over 3 years, then with SolidBriQ it is possible to get this longer interest rate. If the interest rate has risen or remained the same, the interest rate will remain fixed for another 2 years and you have therefore had 5 years of security.

This has recently also become possible for 7 years. The interest rate is then fixed for 7 years, but if the interest rate has fallen after 5 years, you can take advantage of this. You must then stay with SolidBriQ. If the interest rate is higher in 5 years, then the interest rate is fixed for another 2 years and you have certainty.

Is SolidBriQ reliable?

Although SolidBriQ is a relatively new provider of rental mortgages, the experience of the founders and the long-term dedication of a major international insurer ensure reliability.

What is my experience with SolidBriQ?

I think the rental mortgage is a great product. The lender has a team of good acceptors, who are easily accessible and can take action quickly if necessary.

Contact with SolidBriQ is also accessible, which makes it easy for me to discuss things with them.

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