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Written by: Joost van Herpen

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Written on: 4 juli 2024
Dutch version Rabobank is the largest and one of the best-known lenders in the Netherlands. Rabobank has been active for over 125 years and is known as a partner of the agricultural sector.

At Rabobank you can choose Basic or Plus conditions. With the Basic conditions you get a lower interest rate but you have less favorable conditions. The Plus conditions offer more options, so you can read the advantages and disadvantages of the Plus conditions below.

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• Daily interest principle with Plus conditions
• Free validity of 18 months with Plus conditions
• It is possible to include rental income as income
• Mortgage for a farmhouse with an agricultural purpose is possible
• Annual 20% penalty-free repayment
• Mortgage for water house possible
• Mortgage possible for all types of new construction


• Payment account required for extra discount
• Basic conditions: lower interest, fewer options, less favorable conditions
• Cover a maximum of 90% if you move without selling

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About Rabobank

Rabobank is part of the Rabobank Group, the largest mortgage provider in our country.

Rabobank offers mortgages through its own employees and through independent mortgage advisors. The group includes not only Rabobank, but also Obvion and Vista Hypotheken.

What are the funding sources for Rabobank?

Rabobank lends savings and attracts money on the capital market.

Mortgage interest from Rabobank

Rabobank, Obvion, ING, Vista Hypotheken

For a long time, Rabobank was the cheapest mortgage provider. Nowadays, however, there are more and more new providers that compete with Rabobank. These mortgage providers often also offer competitive interest rates.

Rabobank is one of the only providers with a low variable interest rate. In addition, the bank has competitive rates for a mortgage with a fixed interest period of 5 years and 10 years. Rabobank is often more expensive than other providers for mortgages with a fixed interest rate period of 20 and 30 years. This is because the bank prefers to lend money for the shorter term.

The bank offers interest discounts when having/opening a checking account and when purchasing an energy-efficient home.

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Extensive advantages and disadvantages of Rabobank

Below are all the pros and cons:


  • Within the Plus conditions, Rabobank uses the daily interest principle. You will then be eligible for a lower interest rate if the interest rate has decreased on the date of the mortgage deed.
  • A mortgage with Plus conditions has a validity of 18 months, you do not pay any extra costs for this.
  • If you opt for Plus conditions, you can include rental income as income for your mortgage application.
  • If you want to buy a farmhouse with an agricultural destination, you can take out a mortgage within the Plus conditions. Additional requirements apply for this.
  • You may repay 20% of the original principal amount per year without penalty.
  • You can take out a mortgage with Rabobank for a water house or a houseboat under certain conditions. This is only possible if you opt for Plus conditions.
  • At Rabobank you can finance all types of new construction. Whether you buy a new-build home within a project or have a new home built in-house.



  • To be eligible for an extra discount, you must open a current account with Rabobank.
  • Within the Basic Conditions you get a lower interest rate, but there are a lot less options available and you have less good conditions.
  • If you want to move and you need a bridging mortgage while your current home has not yet been sold, you can bridge a maximum of 90% of the value of your home.


We do our best to keep the conditions up to date, but mortgage providers may change their conditions. Schedule a free consultation with me so that we can discuss the most current conditions and pros and cons.

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