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Written by: Joost van Herpen

Reviewed by: Roel Wonders

Written on: 29 juni 2024
Dutch version NIBC, formerly NIBC Direct, is the 7th largest mortgage provider in the Netherlands.

The mortgage provider thinks along with you about solutions and mainly offers competitive interest rates for medium and long-term fixed interest periods.

As an experienced mortgage advisor, I know a lot about NIBC. Below I talk about the interest rate policy, the pros and cons and share my experiences. Want to know whether NIBC has the best mortgage for you? Then schedule a free meeting with me..


• Options for kangaroo and informal care home
• Possible to take out a mortgage with 4 owners with 4 incomes
• Entrepreneurs with a mortgage without NHG: income declaration via ViiZ possible
• More opportunities for doctors in training, trainee lawyers and PhD students
• Options for a mortgage with NHG via perspective statement or Labor Market Scan
• Options for BKR registration A or A1 with recovery notification or practical end date
• Free bank guarantee if the mortgage application is approved
• Higher bridging mortgage possible of 95% of the home value


• Changing to interest-only during the term means new interest
• Samen met partner korter dan 3 jaar ondernemer: geen mogelijkheden bij NIBC.
• Not possible to add rental income to income for maximum mortgage

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About NIBC

NIBC was founded in 1945 as the “Recovery Bank” of the Netherlands. The aim was to provide loans to entrepreneurs who contributed to the reconstruction of the Netherlands after the Second World War.

NIBC has a long history and in 2005 the bank was taken over by J.C. Flowers. The name was changed to NIBC Bank.

Since 2021, the company has been owned by the American investment company, Blackstone Group.

What are the funding sources for NIBC?

NIBC is a Dutch bank that lends money from savers. So the money of people who have a savings account at the bank is lent out in the form of mortgages.

In addition, this bank receives money through insurance premiums from insurer AXA.

Mortgage interest from NIBC

NIBC, Lot, Munt en Centraal Beheer

NIBC is the seventh largest provider in our country. NIBC mainly offers competitive interest rates for medium- and long-term fixed interest periods of 10, 20 and 30 years.

View the current rates now and compare them with this bank’s competitors:

Is NIBC reliable?

NIBC has a long history, dating back to 1945. This long history naturally contributes to the company’s reliability.

NIBC Bank operates from the Netherlands, which ensures trust.

The company is owned by the wealthy Blackstone Group. This investment company from New York is one of the largest in the world.

What is my experience with NIBC?

I have had good experiences with this lender. The mortgage department is small, so I have direct contact with the mortgage specialists. I can pick up the phone and submit questions directly to these specialists. I can also present special situations by email.

NIBC is known as a bank that thinks about solutions. This is nice for mortgage applications that are not standard.

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Extensive pros and cons

Below are the detailed pros and cons:


  • You can also contact NIBC if you want to buy a home together with your parents. For example as a kangaroo or informal care home. You can take out a mortgage with 4 owners and you can also include 4 incomes for the mortgage application
  • As an entrepreneur, do you take out a mortgage without a National Mortgage Guarantee? Then you can use the ViiZ Income Statement. The advantage of an Income Statement via ViiZ is that you quickly have clarity about the amount of your income and it is often cheaper than with another Calculation Expert
  • Are you a doctor in training, a trainee lawyer or a PhD candidate? Then you often have a temporary employment contract. NIBC sees this as permanent employment for applications without a National Mortgage Guarantee
  • Do you not have a permanent employment contract and are you a flex worker? Then you can use the Perspective Statement or Labor Market Scan at NIBC. This only applies to mortgage applications with National Mortgage Guarantee
  • Do you have a BKR registration in the form of an A or A1 with a recovery notification or a practical end date? Then you can take out a mortgage with NIBC under certain conditions
  • Are you buying a home and does the seller require a bank guarantee? NIBC offers a free bank guarantee



  • If you want to change an annuity or linear mortgage to an interest-only mortgage during the term of your mortgage, you will lose the current interest rate and you will be offered the current interest rate at the time of change
  • Are you an entrepreneur together with your partner and have both been self-employed for less than 3 years? Then you cannot take out a mortgage with NIBC
  • If you receive rental income, you cannot include this as income for the mortgage application at NIBC


Latest developments

Below are the latest important developments regarding NIBC’s mortgage:

July 2024: Higher bridging mortgage possible

Since June 2024, it has been possible to take out a higher bridging mortgage via NIBC Direct.

A bridging mortgage is often used when someone buys a new home, but has not yet sold the current home. The surplus value of the current home is only released after the sale of the current home, but this surplus value is necessary to purchase the new home.

You can temporarily borrow the surplus value that is released upon the sale through a bridging mortgage. However, most mortgage lenders are afraid that the house will not yield enough when sold. That is why they are careful about pre-financing the excess value. Therefore, it is often only 90% of the value of the current home that can be borrowed via a bridging mortgage.

However, NIBC has relaxed the conditions in 2024. This is because NIBC also sees that there will be a lot of outbidding on homes in 2024. At NIBC it is therefore possible to pre-finance 95% of the value of the current home with a bridging mortgage.

We do our best to keep the conditions up to date, but mortgage providers may change their conditions. Schedule a free consultation with me so that we can discuss the most current conditions and pros and cons.

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