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Written by: Joost van Herpen

Reviewed by: Roel Wonders

Written on: 5 juli 2024
Dutch version Merius is a mortgage provider that has been active since 2016.

Merius' mortgage interest is not immediately noticeable. I cannot name a fixed interest period for which Merius always scores well. The Merius mortgage has a number of advantages, but none of these advantages are truly unique.

It is therefore good to compare Merius' mortgage with other providers.

Below I will tell you everything about Merius and indicate the advantages and disadvantages. Want to know whether this is the best mortgage provider for you or whether there is a better provider? Then schedule a free meeting with me..


• Works with daily interest
• Repay 25% of the original loan every year without penalty
• Automatic interest rate decrease when lower risk class is reached
• Larger borrowing capacity family loan where annual costs are repaid through a donation
• Benefit from a possible decrease in interest rates in the future thanks to interest rate averaging


• No options with BKR registration
• Not possible to use cheap desktop valuation
• Only mortgages with a minimum term of 10 years
• You receive a lower interest payment on money in a construction deposit

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About Merius

Merius was founded in September 2016.

Merius Hypotheken is part of Fenerantis BV, part of Ingage, owner of De Hypotheekshop and Huis & Hypotheek, among others.

Hypotheekrente van Merius

View the current interest rates of Merius now:

What are the funding sources for Merius?

The mortgages are provided with money from national and international investors and other financial institutions.

Merius is not a bank and offers large (international) institutional investors, usually insurers, pension funds and asset managers, the opportunity to invest in new Dutch mortgages.

Extensive pros and cons

The advantages and disadvantages are described in detail below:


  • Merius uses the daily interest principle. This means that if the interest rate has fallen on the day you sign the mortgage deed, you will be offered the lower interest rate.
  • You may repay 25% of the original principal amount per loan component per year without penalty.
  • Merius applies an automatic interest rate reduction if you end up in a lower risk class due to repayment of your mortgage.
  • If you use a family loan and you agree that the annual costs will be repaid from a donation, the costs of the loan will not be included in the mortgage application.
  • You can benefit from a drop in interest rates in the future by using the option of interest rate averaging.



  • Do you have a BKR registration? Then you cannot take out a mortgage with Merius.
  • You cannot use a Desktop Valuation, the cheaper alternative to an extensive valuation.
  • The minimum term of a mortgage is 10 years.
  • If you use a construction deposit, the interest payment is 1% lower than the mortgage interest you pay.
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