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Written by: Joost van Herpen

Reviewed by: Roel Wonders

Written on: 1 juli 2024
Dutch version HollandWoont is a relatively new mortgage provider that has been active since 2019.

The mortgage company mainly focuses on people who are buying a house or apartment for the first time. That is why they mainly offer good starter mortgages, only with National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG).

I am a Certified Mortgage Planner and below I will tell you everything about HollandWoont. Wondering whether this provider has the best conditions and lowest interest rate for you? Then schedule a free consultation with me.


• Under certain conditions, PGB income may be included
• Possibility to use interest rate averaging during the term
• Unlimited penalty-free repayments with your own money
• Use an affordable desktop valuation
• You receive interest on the amount that has not yet been withdrawn from the construction fund


• Only new mortgages with NHG
• Impossible to easily take out a mortgage without an employer's statement
• Taking a mortgage with you is only possible up to a maximum of 500,000 euros

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About HollandWoont

HollandWoont is – just like Clarian Wonen – one of the brands of Conneqt, a distribution manager of mortgage labels.

Conneqt is part of the Blauwtrust Group, of which De Hypotheker is also part.

HollandWoont was founded in 2019 by Conneqt. HollandWoont focuses mainly on people who are buying a home for the first time. It is only possible to take out a new mortgage with the security of the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG).

What are the funding sources for HollandWoont?

Even though HollandWoont has “Holland” in the name, the money lent comes from abroad.

HollandWoont is a so-called “directing party”. The money that this mortgage provider uses to offer mortgages comes from foreign institutional investors.

It is unknown who exactly these institutional investors are.

Mortgage interest from HollandWoont

HollandWoont, Clarian Wonen, Munt Hypotheken en Vista

HollandWoont, Clarian Wonen, Munt Hypotheken and Vista

HollandWoont mainly offers competitive interest rates for mortgages with a long fixed interest rate period of 20 and 30 years. This does concern mortgages with NHG.

New mortgages without NHG are not offered by HollandWoont.

If you want to take your HollandWoont mortgage with you when you move – and your new home is more expensive than the NHG cost limit – HollandWoont often wants to think about options.

Is HollandWoont reliable?

HollandWoont is of course supervised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). It is just difficult to estimate how reliable HollandWoont is.

It is a relatively new provider that has not yet been able to build a real reputation.

The money comes from foreign institutional investors, whose exact names are unknown. This of course does not contribute to transparency and trust.

If it were known where the lent money came from, this could increase confidence in the bank.

What is my experience with Holland Woont?

I am not very enthusiastic about HollandWoont, because it is not known where the money lent comes from. It is my experience that people still want to know this.

Because this lender has been active for a shorter period of time, they have not yet been able to build a reputation.

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Who are HollandWoont’s direct competitors?

In general, all Dutch mortgage providers compete with each other, but there are a number of providers that compete directly with each other.

HollandWoont’s direct competitors are Lot Hypotheken and Neo Hypotheken. Both mortgage providers also focus on people who are taking out a mortgage for the first time. They therefore offer competitive interest rates for the same types of mortgages.

Extensive pros and cons

Below are the detailed pros and cons:


  • Income from personal budget (PGB income) may under certain conditions be included as income for the mortgage application.
  • You can use interest rate averaging during the term, so you can benefit if interest rates fall in the future.
  • You can make unlimited repayments from your own resources without penalty.
  • You can use the Desktop Valuation for a mortgage application, which is a cheaper alternative to an extensive valuation report.
  • You will receive an interest payment on the money that you have not yet withdrawn from your construction account that is equal to the mortgage interest that you pay.



  • A new mortgage can only be taken out with the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG).
  • You cannot use the Income Determination Wage Service method. This is a simple way to take out a mortgage without an employer’s statement.
  • If you move to another home and you want to ’take’ your mortgage with you to your new home, the total mortgage may not exceed € 500,000.



We do our best to keep the conditions up to date, but mortgage providers may change their conditions. Schedule a free consultation with me so that we can discuss the most current conditions and pros and cons.

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