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Written by: Joost van Herpen

Reviewed by: Roel Wonders

Written on: 26 juni 2024
Dutch version The Bunq Easy Mortgage is offered in collaboration with the Tulp Group, a Dutch mortgage lender from Utrecht. Bunq uses Tulp's mortgage specialists to offer mortgages.

Bunq mainly focuses on starters on the Dutch housing market, who are buying a home for the first time. The Bunq Easy Mortgage is maily cheap for mortgages with a long fixed interest rate period.

My name is Roel Wonders, a Certified Mortgage Planner who helps expets obtain a mortgage, and below I will tell you all about the Bunq Easy Mortgage Mortgage. Are you curious if the Bunq Easy Mortgage is the best for you? Then schedule a free meeting with me..


• 100% penalty-free repayment with your own money
• Automatically lower interest rate when reaching a lower risk class
• Bunq works with daily interest
• Entrepreneurs can borrow according to the 1-2-3 method
• Income of doctors in training and PhD candidates is equated with permanent employment
• Employment income determination (IBL) is permitted
• Good conditions for expats (knowledge migrants)


• No competitive interest rates for short fixed interest periods
• Not a well-known provider with a long history

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About Bunq Easy Mortgage

Bunq is a Dutch FinTech company founded in 2012. The Company has its headquarters in Amsterdam. Bunq is a so-called ”neobank”. It means that the financial services are fully available by smartphone and they are not part of the traditional banks.

Bunq started with personal bank accounts in 2015. A year later business bank accounts were also offered. Since 2022 Bunq became the first digital mortgage provider in The Netherlands. These mortgages are offered in cooperation with Tulp Hypotheken.

What are the funding sources for Bunq Easy Mortgages?

Bunq is known in the Netherlands as one of the banks that offer high savings interest rates. The money that Bunq lends in the form of mortgages comes from its own savings.

Bunq Easy Mortgages mortgage interest rates

Bunq, Tulp, Rabobank en NIBC

Bunq mainly has low mortgage interest rates for mortgages with a long fixed interest rate period, especially with NHG. For mortgages without NHG they have low interest rates on mortgages up to 60% to 80% of the market value.
Now compare Bunq’s interest rates with those of all other mortgage providers:

Is Bunq Easy Mortgages reliable?

Bunq Easy Mortgages is a relatively new provider that has been active since 2012.

The mortgage provider has a banking license from the Dutch Bank and is active in several countries in Europe, but does not have a long history like some other mortgage providers.

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Extensive pros and cons

Below are the detailed pros and cons:


  • 100% penalty-free repayment with your own resources.
  • When you reach a lower risk class, the interest rate automatically decreases.
  • Knowledge migrants can borrow up to 100% of the market value in mortgage loans that meet NHG standards.
  • The maximum mortgage for entrepreneurs is determined using the 1-2-3 method: it is often possible to borrow more.
  • Starting entrepreneurs who have been active for 12 months can get a mortgage with NHG.
  • Income of a doctor in training or PhD candidate is equated with income from permanent employment.
  • Under certain conditions it is possible to make a consumer withdrawal of up to a maximum of 90% of the surplus value.
  • It is possible to borrow more via Energy Savings Budget (EBB) and Energy Saving Facilities (EBV).
  • Under certain conditions it is possible to include rental income when calculating the maximum mortgage.
  • No employer’s statement is required, because the income can be determined via the UWV Insurance Notice. This is reviewed. This is disadvantageous if the income is currently higher or if a wage increase is coming.



  • It is not yet a trusted provider with a long history, such as ABN AMRO, Rabobank and ING.
  • No competitive interest rates for short fixed interest periods

We do our best to keep the conditions up to date, but mortgage providers may change their conditions. Schedule a free consultation with me so that we can discuss the most current conditions and pros and cons.

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