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Written on: 1 juli 2024
Dutch version BLG Wonen comes from Limburg and was founded in 1954.

BLG Wonen's mortgage interest rate is especially competitive for a fixed interest period of 10 years. The advantage of BLG Wonen is that it thinks in solutions for entrepreneurs who want to take out a mortgage.

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• BLG Wonen offers mortgages for informal care or kangaroo living
• Possible to buy a home from a cooperative association
• If your income is too low, borrow up to 30% more if parents co-sign the mortgage deed
• Savings or bank savings mortgages can be converted into a new mortgage with BLG Wonen in a fiscally attractive manner
• For a mortgage without NHG, rental income can be included for the maximum mortgage
• Mortgage for stone holiday home possible up to 70% of the market value


• You must live and work in the Netherlands for at least 3 years to be able to get a mortgage
• Works with quotation interest, not with daily interest
• As an expat you cannot use the 30% ruling

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About BLG Wonen

BLG Wonen was founded in 1954 and has its origins in Limburg. The letters BLG stand for Bouwfonds Limburgse Gemeenten. BLG Wonen is part of De Volksbank, a Dutch financial institution that also owns ASN Bank, Regiobank and SNS Bank.

BLG characterizes itself as a real ‘discussion bank’. This means that they have been helping people find a good mortgage for 65 years, so that everyone can live in a way that suits them.

If parents need care and can no longer live independently, BLG offers, for example, the option of opting for a kangaroo home or informal care home.

Your parents may then live on your plot. It is also possible to buy a house together with your parents to turn it into an informal care home.

What are the funding sources for BLG Wonen?

Because BLG Wonen is owned by De Volksbank, the money lent comes from savers. The money that people put into De Volksbank’s savings account is used to offer mortgages through BLG Wonen.

Because the money comes from savers, it is often lent out for the shorter term. That is why BLG Wonen is especially cheap for the fixed interest periods of 10 years.

Mortgage interest from BLG Wonen

BLG Wonen, Woonfonds, Aegon, Nationale Nederlanden

BLG Wonen, Woonfonds, Aegon, Nationale Nederlanden

BLG Wonen mainly offers low mortgage interest rates for mortgages with a fixed interest rate period of 10 years. BLG is not an interesting provider for mortgages with NHG and a fixed interest rate period of 20 and 30 years.

In addition, this mortgage provider offers good mortgages and mortgage interest rates for entrepreneurs.

Compare all interest rates of the BLG Wonen Hypotheken now. View the interest rates of the various mortgage types, rate classes and fixed interest periods. You can easily compare these interest rates with the interest rates of BLG Wonen’s competitors:

Is BLG Wonen reliable?

BLG Wonen can be seen as a reliable provider, because it is part of De Volksbank.

The history of this Dutch bank dates back to 1817. The fact that it is a Dutch bank gives many people a feeling of confidence.

It is also a good sign that it is known where the money being lent comes from, namely from De Volksbank.

What is my experience with BLG Wonen?

I have had positive experiences with this mortgage provider. It is a pleasant party to work with.

The bank is open to mortgage applications that are not standard. BLG really thinks in solutions. This is a major advantage for many entrepreneurs, but also for people who want to buy a kangaroo home together or with informal care.

The bank does not request too many documents, but not too few either. Mortgage applications are processed at an average speed.

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Extensive pros and cons

The advantages and disadvantages are described in detail below:


  • You can take out a mortgage with BLG Wonen if you want to buy a home with your parents for informal care or kangaroo living. This means that you will live at 1 address with 2 families.
  • Are you buying a home that is part of a cooperative association? Then you can take out a mortgage with BLG Wonen if you receive your own membership right, the membership right is pledged with a notarial deed and the association’s articles of association are known to BLG Wonen in advance.
  • Is your income insufficient to take out the necessary mortgage? Then you can borrow up to 30% extra if your parents co-sign the mortgage deed.
  • Do you have a savings mortgage or a bank savings mortgage? Then you can continue this tax-free in a new mortgage with BLG Wonen.
  • Rental income can be included as income for a mortgage application. This only applies to mortgages without a National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG).
  • You can apply for a mortgage from BLG Wonen for a stone holiday home. The financing is a maximum of 70% of the market value.



  • You must live and work in the Netherlands for at least 3 years to apply for a mortgage.
  • If the mortgage interest rate has fallen on the date of execution of the mortgage deed, you cannot benefit from the reduced interest rate. The interest in the mortgage quote remains applicable.
  • As an expat you cannot use the 30% scheme at BLG Wonen.


We do our best to keep the conditions up to date, but mortgage providers may change their conditions. Schedule a free consultation with me so that we can discuss the most current conditions and pros and cons.

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