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Written on: 4 juli 2024
Dutch version Attens mortgages was specially established for people who are affiliated with the Zorg & Welzijn pension fund. The mortgages are only offered to members of PGGM&CO.

Attens was founded together with Achmea to offer Healthcare & Welfare employees the opportunity to take out a mortgage.

The mortgage provider takes specific wishes into account, such as including the irregularity allowance. They also offer opportunities for nurses (BBL) who have no prospect of permanent employment yet. Because they have nowhere to go with their current income, Attens does offer options to get a mortgage (without NHG).

The interest rates are especially competitive for the longer fixed interest rate periods. Do you want to know whether Attens is the best mortgage provider for you or whether there are perhaps better providers? Then schedule a free meeting with me..


• Mortgage is within your own pension fund and is therefore completely tailored to your financial situation
• Irregularity surcharge counts fully towards the mortgage application
• Possibility to take out a mortgage with a flexible contract
• Parents can co-sign and increase the mortgage by up to 30%
• Unlimited penalty-free repayments with your own money
• PGB income counts towards Atten's mortgage application
• Rental income counts towards maximum mortgage (without NHG)


• No options if you build a house yourself without a project developer
• Mortgage offer is only valid for 4 months and cannot be extended
• Works with quote interest: do not benefit from any interest rate decrease when signing a mortgage deed

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About Attens

Attens was specially founded for people who build up a pension with Pensioenfonds Zorg & Welzijn.

The mortgage provider was founded in collaboration with PGGM&CO, a membership organization with approximately 750,000 members. It is an initiative of Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance.

The provider says it takes the financial circumstances of people in the healthcare sector into account. The mortgage provider also wants to make it possible for people in healthcare to buy a house.

Anyone who works or has worked in the Healthcare & Welfare sector can become a member. Consider people who work in healthcare or childcare.

What are the funding sources for Attens?

The money for Attens’ mortgages comes from the Healthcare & Welfare Pension Fund (PFZW).

The pension fund was founded in 1969 and has grown into one of the largest collective funds in the Netherlands.

Mortgage interest from Attens

Attens, Munt, Centraal Beheer, Lot

Because Attens lends the money from the pension fund, they want to lend the money for a long time. That is why Attens interest rates are especially low for mortgages with a fixed interest rate period of 20 and 30 years. Mortgages without NHG are also cheap for long fixed-rate periods.

View all current interest rates now. Then compare these with the interest rates of other mortgage providers:

Is Attens reliable?

It is a reliable party, because the money comes from its own pension fund. That money is loaned out for a longer term.

What is my experience with Attens?

I find it a pleasant company to work with. The mortgage conditions are clear. The application process runs smoothly and applications are processed quickly. I can also present unusual situations to the employees and they are willing to think about solutions.

If this mortgage provider is not the best for you? Then one of the 37 other providers might be better Schedule a free consultation with me to find out.

Extensive pros and cons

All advantages and disadvantages are described in detail below:


  • The advantage of taking out a mortgage within your own pension fund is that the conditions are specifically tailored to your financial situation. For example, an irregularity allowance is fully regarded as income and you can also easily take out a mortgage with a flexible contract.
  • If you receive an irregular hours or shift allowance, the amount over the past 12 months can be fully included in the mortgage application.
  • If your income is not sufficient to borrow the amount you need, your parents can co-sign so that you can borrow extra. This allows you to borrow 30% more.
  • You can make unlimited repayments from your own resources without penalty.Rental income can be counted as income for a mortgage application without a National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG).
  • For a mortgage without National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) up to 80% of the WOZ value, you may provide the most recent WOZ decision instead of a valuation report
  • Do you receive PGB (Personal Budget) income from providing care to your partner or family? Then you can include this income in your mortgage application at Attens.
  • Do you have 1 A or A1 coding on a repaid credit at the BKR or is there a recovery coding on a current credit? Then you can take out a mortgage with Attens. Attens accepts a maximum of 1 A or A1 coding on a repaid credit or A or A1 coding with recovery coding on a current credit.



  • You cannot take out a mortgage with Attens for a new-build home where you have a home built with a collective, without a project developer.
  • The validity of the mortgage offer is 4 months and cannot be extended.
  • Attens applies the quote interest principle, which means that you cannot benefit from a decrease in interest rates if on the day you sign the mortgage deed at the notary the interest rate is lower than the interest stated in your mortgage quote.



We do our best to keep the conditions up to date, but mortgage providers may change their conditions. Schedule a free consultation with me so that we can discuss the most current conditions and pros and cons.

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